Rachel Hirsch Photography
'Mouthful', Wall Installation, Haifa Museum of Art, 2003
The artist Osnat Rabinovitch chose the wall of the Haifa Museum cafeteria for her work 'Mouthful'- a 5x5 m. inscription made of plywood, paint and cloth.

This 'word sculpture' was part of the Haifa Second International Installation Triennale, 2003.
The Hebrew letters create a readable text, written (sculptured) especially for the space in which it is exhibited. The text is composed of idiomatic Hebrew phrases: 'Read aloud the inscription on the wall', 'Eat and drink', 'Talk to the wall', 'Just sand and more sand', 'Get up and go', 'Where do you come from?'

Rabinovitch calls her idioms 'lingual Ready-Mades' since they are taken from commonly known sources such as the Prayer Book, popular songs or instructions to pupils.

The words have a double status: they are both semantic products (words) and real objects (sculptures).

The wall has become a page on which a text is inscribed and a platform for the figurative composition. The observer can read the words and lines while capturing their visual qualities. Claiming the observers’ attention by pointing to the 'Inscription on the wall' makes them conscious to the very act of watching art.
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