Rachel Hirsch Photography
 The Weekend Supplement of the “Haaretz” daily newspaper, for which I worked over 20 years, ordered each of the picture stories shown here.
It was always teamwork, consisting of a reporter and me, the photographer. I have chosen several stories, dealing with different aspects of Israeli life, which might be of interest to the viewer.

Between 2 Wars
Photographs of an armored corps camps in the Negev desert (South of Israel) and Sinai, one year before the Yom Kippur War.

Pablo Casals
Pablo Casals and his wife Martita, visited Israel in August 1973. They were accompanied by violinists Isaac Stern and Alexander Schneider.

They came to Jerusalem, to work with a youth orchestra, which Pablo Casals would conduct.

The Box-Houses Neighborhood
Until fairly recently there was in Tel Aviv a big neighborhood, in which the majority of the houses consisted of wooden crates.

In 1973 big families lived there, mostly poor but not unhappy.

The "War Babies"
During the Yom Kippur War, in October 1973, the reporter Tamar Meroz and I went to visit young women in some hospitals, who had just given birth to babies, while their husbands were fighting in Sinai or the Golan.

The photos show the ...

Alon's Heart Surgery
Alon was 4 years old when he needed heart surgery.

He was operated in the Tel Hashomer hospital in May 1974.

The photos (except the first) are kind of a sequence showing his fear at first, and then slowly his growing tr ...

In the Haaretz Museum in Tel Aviv (today the Eretz Israel Museum), there was, at the time, an exhibition of educational games, puzzles, etc. which allowed touching the exhibits.

On the photographs we see 4 years old Edna, assembling a ...

Kfar Habad
The Hasidic village Kfar Habad is located in central Israel, not far from the BG Airport.

The Haaretz weekend supplement sent a reporter and me to tell a story about the place.

We decided to show that even in an extreme ...

Druze War Widows in Beit Jan
Beit Jan, a Druze village in the north of Israel, had, at the time, the highest percentage of soldiers who were killed in Israeli wars. The widows claimed that, according to their religion, they would never remarry. These photographs show 5 of those ...