Rachel Hirsch Photography
“An incident in the forest”, site-specific installation, Bat-Yam Museum of Art, 2005

The Installation follows the unique structure of the museum: seven identical spaces (“rooms”) create a circle in the center of the building.

The structure becomes a central part of the site-specific installation: the artist tried to build an analogical continuum. The spectator entered the museum as if it was a narrative structure, and moved between the spaces like turning pages of a book.

The children tale “Little Red Riding Hood” was transformed in this installation into a reflection on the human condition, with elements of fear, loneliness and aggression.

The artist used red and black colors only, creating contrast, violent relations and a tense “dialog”.

Hints to the tale were thinly drawn on transparent curtains at the entrance to the “rooms”. Each of them was dedicated to one subject, like a chapter in a novel: a forest, a dream, an observation, a bed and a loss.

Materials: plywood, plastic sheets and paint.
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